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Many Jews may not realize it, but their own religion addresses divorce in a rich and meaningful manner. From the Ketuba (the wedding contract) to the Get (the divorce decree), and the Torah and its commentaries, much wisdom can be gleaned from the depth of knowledge to guide and support those going through Separation and Divorce. There are many issues that Jews alone face, and every family has their own decisions to be made - from setting out a Shabbat schedule and dealing with how to share the many holidays, to holding B’nei Mitzvot and coping with the challenges of Interfaith marriages. I am in a unique position to help you see your Divorce Through A Jewish Lens. Not only do I have credentials and experience working as a Certified Divorce Doula, but throughout my life I have played many roles working on behalf of the worldwide Jewish community. 

No matter what denomination of Judaism you follow, you will be surprised and comforted to learn that the religion already offers answers to many of the questions you face in undergoing Separation & Divorce. I look forward to helping you and others find those answers by embracing what your Judaism has to offer.

Individual Support : Before, During & After Separation & Divorce
Community Engagement and Professional Development

 Workshops Available

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