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1.  I agree that there are issues that I want to work on with the help of  Lynn Kaplan, Certified Divorce Doula. I am entering this Divorce Guidance process voluntarily.

2.  I understand and agree that the information I will be receiving from Lynn Kaplan is not legal advice.  I understand that if needed, I will be seeking independent legal advice. Lynn Kaplan will be acting as a Divorce Doula only. She is not a lawyer or a social worker and will not give be giving legal advice or counseling.

3.  I agree that this Divorce Guidance process is a “closed” process that cannot be used in any legal proceedings, now, or in the future. Lynn Kaplan will not be asked to attend  court proceedings or to provide her records for court proceedings.  All conversations and communications will remain confidential (excluding provisions in Clause 4).

4.   I understand that Lynn Kaplan is required to disclose information to the authorities if there is an actual or possible threat to anyone’s safety. When information obtained during any communications indicates an actual or potential threat to the safety of any of the persons or a breach of the Child and Family Services Act or Criminal Code, Lynn Kaplan is obligated to report such information.

5.  Lynn Kaplan’s fee is $125 an hour.  This includes: Phone Sessions, FaceTime Sessions, Texts, Emails, Approved Research.  There will be no charges for Scheduling and Billing time.  


6.  All fees will be paid upon services rendered.  Accepting bank transfer (preferred), cheque, cash, or VISA (HST will be collected on VISA only).

7.  I have read this Divorce Doula Agreement. I agree to enter this process according to the conditions described above.

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