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Welcoming from Amicable to Hostile Situations

As a Certified Divorce Doula and Divorce Coach, your Divorce Professional, I can be your lifeboat in the storm of Separation and Divorce. I serve as your support partner before, during and after this challenging life transition. With me by your side, you have a consistently present co-navigator to provide strategic planning, personal coaching, and expert guidance to meet your full range of practical and emotional needs.  I provide the  knowledge and tools to empower and prepare you to work effectively and efficiently with lawyers, mediators, accountants, therapists, child specialists and other professionals you may encounter on your divorce journey. My guidance not only meets your emotional needs, but ensures a more economical use of your money, time, and emotional resources.


  • Support and education on creating financial statements, parenting plans, and separation agreements, plus the other the gamut of paperwork will minimize stress and frustration.  

  • Strategies to help you and your children adapt to changes in your life will ensure that you make wise and lasting decisions through all transitions.

  • Techniques to imagine positive outcomes and how to realize them will help you survive and thrive through the challenges of separation and divorce, and in your new life afterwards.



Working By Phone, FaceTime and Video Chat

I work by phone, Face Time and Video Chat in order to meet individuals various needs, accommodate busy schedules, and work with clients across Canada and the United States. Phone Meetings cut out challenging commutes and allows for early mornings, lunchtime, evenings, weekends;  for whenever you have time open. 

Speaking on the phone allows for flexible meeting times and addressing immediate short questions or concerns, longer discussions (up to 2 hours) when needed. You will not need to wait for a one hour appointment possibly a week away, just text me and I will try my very best to find a time that works best for both of you as soon as possible. As a Divorce Coach and Certified Divorce Doula, my goal is to support you at ALL times needed.

 The Benefits Of Phone Therapy,  article: New York Times

Payments Can Be Made By:  Bank Transfer, Cash, Cheque, Visa & MasterCard 

Accounts Expected To Be Paid As Services Rendered and/or By End Of Each Month

A Teen's Perspective on the Impact of Parental Divorce Written by Teenage Boy

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